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“It was so awesome to be able to talk to someone immediately and have someone else have eyes on her. My emotions kinda take over immediately when it seems like something’s wrong.”


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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How effective is virtual training?
    Virtual training can be just as effective, and in some cases, more effective than in-person training. For example, human-reactive dogs can respond much better to virtual training because they aren’t nervous around a stranger. After 10+ years of training, we’ve pretty much seen it all. So it’s often not necessary to be there in person to see your dog’s behavior. Through virtual training, we can coach you to become the trainer your dog needs.
  • What training does your service offer?
    We do it all. Since every pet is unique, we'll create a training structure to match your pet’s needs. This includes puppy training, skill building, and behavior challenges. Our puppy training covers potty training, puppy biting, socialization, and more. For skill building, we focus on crucial skills like leash walking, staying at the door, and laying down on cue. We can also help with challenges such as barking at other dogs, fearfulness, or nervousness. Our trainers are each highly experienced and certified, and they will use positive reinforcement methods to help your dog learn and succeed.
  • How long is each training session?
    Each training session is 20 minutes long.
  • How experienced are your trainers?
    Our trainers are all highly experienced with more than ten years of dog training experience each. They all maintain professional dog training certifications. They have a variety of skills that they can use to help tailor a specific learning plan for you and your dog. They can help you get on track quickly, and they can pivot if an approach isn't working. They are also skilled in hands-on training, virtual coaching, and strategies for teaching people. Our head trainer, Kristen, has a degree in animal behavior and is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner. She has over 15 years of experience training family dogs, problem-solving, and competition training.
  • What training methods do you use?
    We use reward-based training methods based on the principles of positive reinforcement. This means that we focus on rewarding your dog for desired behaviors and remove rewards for undesired behaviors. We also modify the environment as needed to make it easier for your dog to succeed.
  • How much does your dog training service cost?
    Purchase a 3-pack of private sessions for $99 and a 6-pack for $174.
  • How long are your training programs?
    Each session is a private one-on-one video chat with your own DodoVet trainer. You can add as many sessions as you would like, but sessions come in either three or six-packs. This gives us enough time to focus on our training progression and see real change over our time working together. For group packages or longer-term engagements, please contact
  • Can you help with house training or potty training?
    Yes, we can help with house training or potty training for dogs -- this is one of our specialties! We recommend scheduling your session today and reading this page so that you can be ready with 24 hours of house training data to show your trainer. We will likely do more planning during this type of session than hands-on activities. House training is more about establishing routines and rituals, as well as problem-solving to see where we need to add supervision for success. We are confident we can help you and your dog reach your house training goals.
  • Need more help?
    Send us a message at, or you can call/text us at 640.400.8809.
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