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  • Ashley C., CVT

Purrfectly Polished: Mastering the Art of Cat Claw Care!

Let’s be honest...cats are pretty easy creatures to maintain! They don’t have to be let outside to go to the bathroom, they don’t have to go on walks to get energy out, and they even bathe themselves! Aside from giving them the necessities, they really are pretty self-sufficient! The one thing they need a helping hand with is claw care!

Nail trims

Just like dogs, cats need their nails trimmed too! Typically we want to cut their nails every month, give or take! Nail trims prevent nails from growing into the paw pads, which can be very painful and even cause infection. Also, trimming their nails helps prevent them from getting stuck on things like curtains and blankets and scratching furniture. It will also help keep us as pet parents from getting scratched! For step by step instructions on trimming your cat's nails, check out the video below.

Claw caps

A great alternative to declawing is claw caps! The claw caps are attached to the existing nail with an adhesive liquid, similar to us putting on fake nails. The claw caps have a blunt end to prevent any scratching and snagging on anything. They even come in a wide variety of colors and patterns! The claw caps do have to be changed out regularly as the natural nail beneath grows out. But if you have a patient cat, claw caps work wonders and give your cat some extra style!

As pet parents, we are responsible for ensuring our cats stay happy and healthy, and regular claw care is a large part of that! It also benefits us as owners to keep the nails trimmed back to an appropriate length!


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