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  • Kristen VanNess

Teaching Your Dog to Settle: A Series

Learning to Settle on A Bed

While some dogs naturally settle on their own, many dogs benefit from learning this through structured training activities. A dog who can relax and quietly hang out will be able to go to more places and be part of family activities.

There are many different ways this can be trained. In this series we show one of many possible ways to work on the skill. Your dog will learn about going to his bed, staying on his bed, and hanging out on his bed while you prepare for a coffee shop visit or restaurant trip. Each dog will progress at a different rate - there are always ways we can adjust for each individual dog.

Who is This For:

This series is for excitable dogs who would benefit from learning to settle in a structured environment, for families who find it helpful to direct a dog to his spot/place, or for any family who wants a dog prepared to settle in public.

This series is not for dogs who are very calm and relaxed in public.

Learning Objectives

Pet Parent Learning Objectives

  • Choose settle locations appropriate for a dog’s training level

  • Gradually change stay requirements as a dog advances

  • Reward stillness

Dog Learning Objectives

  • Deliberately move onto bed/mat

  • Remain on bed for pet parent motion

  • Remain on bed environment distractions

  • Settle in a quiet environment

  • Leave bed when invited

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