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Overcome Behavior Challenges with Training

Is your dog barking, bouncing, or just generally too wild? We all know that there are some behaviors we’d prefer just not to see in the house, on a walk, or in front of that judgy friend (cough *Anne*). We can help you get started on your goals.

We know that some of these dogs may not do well in a traditional group class environment, or that having a trainer in your home may just create more stress. The good news is that these types of dogs can excel with live virtual coaching.

Dog barking
Video training session on a smart phone

Personalized, private dog training sessions

You can schedule a live one-on-one video session where we can gather a little more information about your dog and start right away with a hands-on activity. Because we get to see you with your dog, you get personalized instruction that can fast-track your progress compared to the generalized tips, tricks, or how-to videos you see online. While one call won’t solve all your problems, it should be a measurable stepping stone toward your goals.

Each pet is unique. Here’s one example.

Session 1: Come up with a strategy for leashing now - until more skills are trained. Begin “hold still” training for all four paws.
Session 2: Desensitize the dog to leash movement away from the door.
Session 3: Building calm near the front doo
Session 4: Putting it all together

In the meantime, here’s an activity to get you started. This game teaches your dog that it’s his job to pay attention. We want him to be able to check in on his own, not only when you call him. We can start this in the house, then the yard, and then on a walk.

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