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Master the Basics of Dog Training with DodoVet

Everyone wants a dog who can walk calmly, come when called, and politely greet the neighbors. While we can’t make those dreams come true overnight, we can help you get started today.

Whether you’ve been held back by schedules, costs, or your dog’s temperament — we’re here to help you take action and start seeing improvements.

Our process focuses on one-on-one engagement with a training professional who will tailor a training session to meet your specific needs and goals.

A woman sitting on the floor with her a tablet and her puppy

What to expect during a basic training lesson:

We’ll do a little planning with you first to understand the goals we have in mind. Our trainers will then coach you through a hands-on activity or two –  personalized for you and your dog’s life stage and needs.  

After this session, you will get the opportunity to practice on your own based on the exercises and guidance provided. During a follow-up session, your trainer will layer on new skills as we take your dog to the next level - whether that’s adding in challenges or moving to a more advanced topic.

A man walking a Golden on a leash
A man sitting on the floor with his yellow lab

Our basic
training approach.

Our philosophy is to give you the best help you can in bite-sized pieces. Our team will help you with reward-based training strategies that are personalized for you and your puppy, not just for the “average” puppy.

Here’s an example of what one recent pet parent accomplished for a dog who loved pulling on the leash.
Session 1:
Loose leash walking foundations for moving together
Session 2: Spacing out rewards and navigating the environment
Session 3: Practice with controlled distractions (food and pretend litter)
Session 4: Problem-solving details for people in the park encounters

In the meantime, here’s an activity to get you started. This game teaches your dog that it’s his job to pay attention. We want him to be able to check in on his own, not only when you call him. We can start this in the house, then the yard, and then on a walk.

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A woman training her puppy

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