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  • Kristen VanNess

Teaching Your Dog To Come: A Series

Teaching Your Dog To Come Reliably

Everyone is told that coming when called is one of the most essential skills that a dog can learn. Families get frustrated by dogs who don’t come back or with dogs who have to be bribed to return.

A few simple training games can get you started and on the right track with your dog. Our video series shows you the beginning stages, and we’re here to provide personalized support throughout the process or as you transfer from these basics to real-life scenarios.

We’ll start with a foundation game, add a cue/command, and then systematically add distractions.

Who This is For

A puppy focusing on a treat while training

This video series is for dogs new to training, puppies, or dogs who need to relearn come when called. If you are retraining your dog, we recommend you pick a new “Come!” word.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this series, you and your dog should be able to complete the following.

Pet Parents

  • Identify moments where dogs reorient

  • Learn to add a cue to a behavior

  • Reward in ways appropriate for your dog

  • Gradually add distractions suitable for your dog


  • Reorient toward pet parent

  • Respond to come cue/command

  • Move quickly towards pet parent

  • Turn away from distraction

Every Dog is Different

Every pup and pet parent learns a little differently! Looking for some more support? We are here for you each step of the way if you'd like some additional one-on-one help.